Harness the Power of Storytelling to Connect with Audiences, Capture their Attention, and Convert that Attention into Action

Learn three proven storytelling structures to communicate for greater impact

Less theory. more doing. better results.


Our training incorporates a highly-interactive Tell, Show, Do, and Review approach to ensure the best learning experience.The Tell Section educates participants by sharing an insight, a point of view, or a definition.The Show Section demonstrates what we share in the Tell Section through powerful, real-world examples, including game-changing video clips, riveting speech excerpts, and unique case studies.

The Do Section gives participants the opportunity to put what they've learned into practice right away. This section has numerous, hands-on exercises aimed at bringing the learnings to life as well as fostering greater ownership by participants. Participants then share their work and receive peer and instructor feedback in real time.The Review Section recaps what has been taught using engaging visual prompts with an emphasis on driving retention through a question and answer format.

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Cherilynn Castleman | Author | Executive Coach | Speaker | Former Top Global Sales Executive

"I realized within the first 15 minutes, this was the best investment I could have made to improve my coaching, training, and my ability to tell stories."

3A Framework | Core Training | StoryHack Method


3A Framework

The foundation of our teaching model is our 3A Framework which is built on the cornerstones of Audience, Attention, and Action.1A: Make Your Audience the Hero
Make your audience the hero of your story. Position your brand as the mentor or trusted advisor with a solution.
2A: Commit to Earning Attention
In a world of competing distractions, audience attention comes at a premium. Attention isn't something that's given—it has to be earned.
3A: Prioritize Action as the Primary Metric that Matters
Action taken by a prospect or customer (e.g. taking a meeting, agreeing to a next step, signing a contract, etc.) is the best metric that your communication has indeed succeeded.

core training

We divide our training into three sections. Each speaks to the following aspects of storytelling:

  • Section I talks about: Why Storytelling Matters.

  • Section II focuses on: What Storytelling Is.

  • Section III shows you: How to Apply Storytelling.

Particpants walk away with the following: (1) a clear understanding of the importance of storytelling in the context of their business, (2) a number of "Aha!" moments that will cement that understanding, and (3) hands-on, practical storytelling applications they can use right away.


We teach three simple but powerful story structures that are the centerpieces of the course. We call these structures, StoryHacks.

A StoryHack is a narrative short-cut in your back pocket to help you succeed in tackling any communications challenge.

Our StoryHacks help participants structure their written and verbal content for greater impact with both internal and external stakeholders.StoryHacks are applicable to emails, social media, blogposts, presentations, public speaking, sales pitches, investor pitches, as well as interactions with the media.These story structures are the same ones used by a number of Oscar, Emmy, Golden Globe, and Tony award winners.



Training Solutions

Customized Solutions

Some clients require a more contextualized approach to storytelling that takes into account the specific nature of their work, business, or industry. Providing that necessary context requires more collaboration with the client and a customized training solution.That solution complements our core content with examples, case studies, and points of emphasis relevant to the client.To help in this effort, we conduct 1-2 interviews via Zoom with the principals involved to understand their goals, pain points, and challenges and what they hope to gain from exceptional storytelling training. From there, we create a modified workshop tailored specifically to the client's needs.Below, we share an example of a customized training done for Ragan Communications with a focus on elite speechwriting.We tailored our core content to add the highest-value possible for some of the best leaders in executive communications. To prepare, we conducted two pre-event Zoom calls to ensure the best learning experience for conference attendees.For more about the experience, please reach out to Ragan Moderator, Brian Pittman, using contact information below.

Contact Information:
Ragan Moderator, Brian Pittman PR Daily Ragan Training
email: [email protected] | phone: +01 (213) 841-5361

*Customized training price commensurate with scope of work and level of customization.

Broadbased Solutions

Our open workshops and on-demand course have been highly-rated by participants, seeking professional and leadership development.Our training has helped a broad spectrum of clients, including entrepreneurs, a VR/AR medical start-up, an IMAX film-maker, corporate social responsibility officers, realtors, internal communiicators, speechwriters, management consultants, systems thinkers, CMOs, and CEOs across functions, industries, countries, and time zones.

Semi-Private Workshop

This 3-hour live, virtual workshop is ideal for 3-10 participants. This option is great for those who want to have a team-building experience, while learning new skills. Participants are pre-qualified for hourly Private Business Storytelling Coaching at any time.

$449.99 Per Person

Private VIP Workshop

This 3-hour live, virtual workshop is ideal for business leaders who want to elevate their executive presence. Course instructors will personally guide you every step of the way, providing coaching and real-time feedback on both story structure and presentation delivery. Pre-qualifies you for hourly Private Business Storytelling Coaching as needed.


Private Business Storytelling Coaching

If you have already participated in one of our Business Storytelling Workshops (group, private, or on-demand), we're here to provide additional coaching support for you and your special project (speech, presentation, report, or pitch). Or maybe you just want a refresher for your everyday work. You can book coaching in 1-hr increments for as many times as you'd like. Our "screen-door" is always open for you on Zoom. Can't wait to see you again!


On-Demand Course

Our On-Demand Course, which is housed in our communicate4IMPACT Academy, gives you the flexibility of learning at your own pace, while still receiving coaching and feedback via chat.


training examples

Example of Applying StoryHack #1

Example of The Hero's Journey Simplified and Made Actionable in a Business Context

Example of Storytelling in the Context of Data and Why Numbers Need a Narrator

Example of a Simple Tip for Captivating Your Audience from the Very Beginning in both Verbal and Written Content

our book

Win With Decency

Learn how leaders from Microsoft's Satya Nadella to Chobani's Hamdi Ulukaya succeed in a competitive marketplace, using traits like humility, empathy, vulnerability, generosity, and gratitude.

your course creators and instructors

Douglass and Lisa-Marie Hatcher

Douglass Hatcher | communicate4IMPACT, Co-founder

Prior to co-founding communicate4IMPACT, Douglass led thought leadership and executive communications at Mastercard headquarters in Purchase, New York. Before making the move to Mastercard, Douglass spent two decades in Washington, DC, working on Capitol Hill in senior positions in both the U.S. Senate and the U.S. House of Representatives. Immediately prior to Mastercard, Douglass was senior advisor and speechwriter for former U.S. Senator Olympia J. Snowe.Douglass also serves as a quarterly guest lecturer on speechwriting and storytelling at Columbia University's School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA).

Lisa-Marie Hatcher | communicate4IMPACT, Co-founder

Lisa-Marie worked in various roles in both the public and private sectors as well. Those roles ranged from working for the Comptroller of the Army at the Pentagon to managing global accounts for American Express to growing sales for two pharmaceutical companies.